Thursday, 4 April 2013

Private Eye extra - Staying Alive

The new Private Eye #1337 is out and in it I look into the need for resource centres for the elderly. For an aging population there seems far too few place that creaking bones can go and socialize and stay mentally healthy.
So here is and extra couple of bits I could not fit into the room.

For this report I re-visited a place which may be familiar to those who have read this report.
It had been almost 18 months since I visited Millman Street centre in Camden, London. It was great to see the centre had survived the closure threats from the council but it was also sad to see that some of my original interviewees where no longer around. But the ones who were still using the centre were more than happy to catch up. In fact their views on the centre were unchanged (although delivered with a little less sharpness). Therefore I chose to included two quotes from my first visit as they are just as relevant today and fresh for Private Eye readers.

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