Thursday, 18 April 2013

BOWIE - Private Eye #1338

It had to happen. Private Eye has my little visit to the V&A's David Bowie Is exhibition.
The editor had thrown the idea at me before Thatcher died. There was a small chance of covering the 'death party' in Trafalgar Square instead but I decided to go against the tidal wave of Thatcher-mania and stick with something people wouldn't expect.
There was such an abundance of things to draw, I used more paper than any other PE report so far.
Below are some bits that I thought might be enjoyed.

My version of a hand-drawn self portrait by Bowie.

A look into one of my layout ideas + a close up of lipstick stained tissue.

 There's Adam McQueen's measurement book for Bowie's Earthling cover coat. I thought this would be an
item of extreme worship for the hardcore fans but everybody seemed to pass it by.

Everytime David Bowie farts the Kemp brother that's not from Eastenders is close
by to hold onto any fame or cash that might rub off.
He is to Bowie what Uri Gellar is to Michael Jackson.

A little Bowie classic....

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