Monday, 8 April 2013

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead...

Thatcher cartoon dzgreene
Thatcher is dead. I'd dispute if she was ever 'living' in the first place.
Here is something which appeared in Charlie Hebdo back in 2010. Please keep in mind
it was only the second or third piece of 'reportage' I'd ever done so it's a bit rough.


  1. Word. Wicked Caricature, DZG!

  2. Well like you predicted, we certainly have travelled back in time- to our dystopian future reality!
    By the way is that 'Maggies' place for real? does it actually exist?

  3. Sure does. Smack bang in the middle of Chelsea -
    But you won't get in unless you're rich enough to use £100 notes to wipe your butt.

  4. Zigs, I have membership. You shouldve asked! (joke, u cant ask)

  5. I should have known, Miss Coleslaw.