Saturday, 19 June 2010

Mind-blowing book reviews!

How awesome are these guys!?
- Avoid The Future
- Comics Journal - Review #1
- Gabby Shulz

Hopefully more to come.

Plus the first page of a little French strip which has just been printed in Fanzine Helban

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Montargis - Coince la Bulle festival

Wow. I'm speechless. What a weekend. So I attended my first French bande dessinée festival as a guest at the Coince La Bulle Fest in Montargis, just south of Paris. Everyone I met was absolutely amazing and my book got an amazing reception. I can't thank everybody enough for a perfect time. But biggest thankses go to Arnaud Floc'h, Thomas Priou and François Pacchioni and Xavier at Scarce magazine.

I forgot to take any photos until the very last moments before the festival was wrapping up. So for proper photos, head here -

Also I have to say that my book is now sitting on shelves at

Le Regard Moderne (Paris) - Info
Le Monte-en-l'air (Paris) - Info
Librairie Plume Et Bulle (Sens) -  Info
Quimby's Bookstore (Chicago) - Info
Gosh Comics (London) - Info
Orbital Comics (London) - Info
Travelling Man Comics (Leeds) - Info

Plus more to come!