Thursday, 17 September 2009

Review #2 !

I have to say that I'm slightly gushing with pride at how much the guys at like my stuff. Look -

"I was happy to see more comics in my mailbox from David Z Greene, given his lively line and absurd sense of humor in the Roger Langridge mold. BOX #1 is a free four-page comic that features a bout between two boxers named Selfishness and Affection. Not surprisingly, Affection went down like a sack of potatoes within 2 pages. Greene is careful not to stretch out the scenario too long, and gives each panel a visceral crunch ala EC Segar. LA FRIME is another collection of odds and ends, including some more short stories featuring his Chip Buckminster character. As I noted in an earlier review, Greene is a good gagsmith who really sells his jokes with funny drawings. He doesn't exaggerate or overrender his drawings to evince a laugh, instead using a pleasingly sketchy/scribbly line that is at once expressive as well as clear.
For example, the concept of "The Man Who Had Nothing To Say" pretty much writes itself, but Greene puts in just the right number of story beats to really sell it in the first such strip. The blank expression on the man's face and the off-the-page "....." in his last speech balloon made great use of the comics form to tell the joke, which is not something I see from every gag artist. The second strip was more of the same, using the time-honored trope of "repetition is the key to humor"; however, Greene made sure not to line these two strips up back-to-back. Greene's "Scar Man" strip, a fictionalized (?) account of meeting his first fan at a comics show that was at once unnerving and flattering. At this point, it's all about refinement for Greene; not every gag in this comic was a winner, and it will just take a matter of time to hone that particular skill. He's certainly already got a distinctive look to his comics and understands how to construct a strip that works."

They've even encouraged me to begin a new interesting project which I might begin.
Top secret for now.