Sunday, 19 May 2013

Coince La Bulle - Mini-Affiche

Pour le festival de Coince La Bulle #4 a Montargis j'ai fait une neuf affiche.
Il y serai 3 les versions pour les personnes heureux. Sur chaque affiche, j'irai dessiner leur favori fruit ou légume pour la personne. (Je ne vais pas comprendrai les noms mais il serai fun!)
Et badges aussi!

For the Coince La bulle festival in Montargis, I've made a mini print. There will be three versions for the (un)lucky people. I will draw peoples' favourite fruit or vegetable in the bottom space. (I probably won't able to understand the names but it will be fun.)
I've also got new badges!!


  1. Finally got my comment's issue sorted, now I can come over here and tell you how brilliant your work is!

  2. Oh, thanks so much, chuck.
    Now go, spread your comments like a liberated young buck in Springtime.