Saturday, 17 November 2012

Your Days Are Numbered, punk. there is this very cool magazine floating around called Your Days Are Numbered. It's pretty awesome actually. The first 3 issues have been full of excellent interviews with comic making people from Bastien Vives, Los Bros Hernandez, Jeff Lemire, Shakey Kane, Frederik Peeters and more.

Number 4 out now with chats with Brandon Graham, McBess, Karrie Fransman, Krent Able, Chris Ware and believe it or not me!
I can't remember what I said in it and I've been given the impression I may regret some of it so pick up a copy to find out

There will be a competition to names the characters on the cover. You'll get a pile of books I hear.

PLUS I've done the cover! Jeepers! PLUS I've defaced the shop windows of Gosh Comics in London to match and promote the mag! Jimminy cricket!

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Your Days Are Numbered magazine
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(These photos by Lee Appleton
(These photos by YDAN)
Thanks to Steve and Jon at the mag for making me feel so special.


  1. Ahaha ! Excellent !
    How did you paint on the windows ? Acrylic paint ?

    And who are the beardead man and the giirl with the blue mask on Rorscharch & Tank girl's line ?

  2. Oui, acrylic paint and tenderness.

    I cannot tell you! Maybe after the competition by the magazine.

  3. Nice- the windows look superb, black and white on glass is a choice combo!