Saturday, 10 November 2012

No Lying, It's Lyon!

So I have a little interview in Lyon based Zyva Magazine (see below post) and I just received a copy of the new Scarce magazine, also from Lyon. It's a whopping issue and inside there is very cool review of my book and some little drawings too. If you like in depth commentary on all things comic books, buy a copy in shops or online.(It's in French)

To celebrate this sudden love affair with France's third largest city here is a Lyon themed post!

Back in May 2012 one of the book shops I stopped at on my little book tour was Librairie Expérience in Lyon.
It's a legendary book shop that everybody seems to know about. It's very cool (literally too in the stinking Lyon heat). It's a few cave-like rooms with hundreds of drawings on the walls by some of the biggest, maddest, talented and amazing cartoonists.

As I was there to sign books, tradition had it that before I left I should squiggle on the walls too. (I picked a really awkward spot on the ceiling next to Cha, Bouzard, Larcenet, Chauzy, Jason, Guarnido and many others that are way out of my league!)

- They eat things called Quenelles. Delicious pillowy things in thick sauce that rhyme with 'fuckin 'ell'.
- It gets really, really hot in Lyon.
- It's kind of in the south of France. But not very south.
(click the pictures)

- Lyon has trams.
- Lyon has a big old church called Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière on top of a massive hill that you can go up in an underground funiculaire (2 minutes) and come down in sticky socks (18 hours approx).
- Kings Of Lyon are a Kings Of Leon tribute band and are not from Lyon.

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