Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Je suis revenu de Festiblog...

Oh yes and it was great! Merci beaucoup aux organisateurs pour un très bon weekend.
Thank you to all the very nice people who came and asked for un dédicace aussi.
It was a challenge to draw some of your requests but very fun. (a 'mess' or 'someone who is lazy but thinks too much'!)
And hello to all the cool bloggers I met. It is always a pleasure to meet all these people and to talk about stuff in strange sentences mixed with French and English. 
Unfortunately I didn't have a camera but there are lots of pictures

   Photos - tykay.free.fr and shoothemup.blogspot.com


  1. Yo man thanx for the comment on my blog!I hope you've recovered from the Festiblog, it was very cool meeting you, well, I say it again don't hesitate to contact me next time you're on Paris, i'm really looking forward to have a drink with you...are you on facebook? cause there are lots of pictures from the Festiblog in there...

  2. Merci Thierry!

    No I am not on facebook, 2D. Gaaagh! I will try and see them some way.
    We dessinateurs are the most beautiful creatures so I'm sure all the photos look lovely.

  3. yeah we're handsome!!! i'm sure they will soon post the pictures on the festiblog blog. I guess you're anti-facebook no?