Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Elderly and Disabled part 1


  1. Nice work! Is this for Charlie Hebdo? It needs to be published in the UK!
    PS: I thought they wanted to raise the retirement age to 67!?

  2. I do reports for Charlie but since it is a French paper, sometimes my reports have to left out due to proper Frenchie news. So I'm going to be doing reports more often for this blog when not for them. No-one in the UK has yet to take up the offer of my reports. Maybe one day.
    It will be 66 but in recent days they are mumbling about it being 67 by 2026. (10 years quicker than planned).
    I will try to do another report on this issue soon.
    Glad you liked it Mr Hurk.

  3. Thanks, Matt.
    Have become a bit distracted with the occupations but haven't forgotten this issue.

  4. Camden council can’t find 140,000 to keep a home open :(
    Basildon council found 18,000,000 to knock down the homes at Dale farm?
    Something's wrong somewhere.

  5. I love your use of people's own words with your illustrations- better than posed or library photographs. Thanks for your Private Eye report on the DPAC/UNCUT demo at Oxford Circus, I have just been enjoying it with a friend you included in the picture.

    1. My pleasure, Pen. Hope it helps let new people know about the issue.