Thursday, 10 January 2013


On Monday I attended the opening of the fantastic Trog show at the Cartoon Museum in London. It's an inspiring show of a very talented cartoonist. It was a packed night with loads of faces in the room and I had the pleasure of chatting to the man himself.
Try to head along and see the show. The caricatures will blow you away!
And the museum is always worth a visit anyway.



  1. WOW- i did'nt know this was on... and Trog is one of my favourite ever cartoonists. Are there Flook strips on display? Surely its about time the whole flook run was reprinted in well- designed hardback volumes as is done with some of the classic American newspaper strips, and what an entertaining and beautiful looking history lesson it would be!
    I think what is sadly lacking in UK cartoonists today is Trad Jazz!

  2. There is actually tones of Flook up! Loads of it.
    I was told Wally will be there on the 20th March for the roundtable. TBC though I guess.