Thursday, 4 October 2012

Where's North From Here? - Reviews

"Fresh with allergy warnings, a nutritional chart and a use by date, Private Eye contributor David Ziggy Greene gives us his second graphic-novella Where's North From Here?. This is a varied collection of work from the last two years that veers close to social commentary in the much enjoyed Daft Punk, to the absurdly banal Sleeper and Surf, to the farcical penultimate story Snow Trap. Much of the humour owes to Greene's captivating style that is both absurd and brilliant in equal measures. Dark, wry and exceptionally funny." - Your Days Are Numbered magazine.

And how good is this.... High-Low
"Greene will go a long way in order to sell a joke, but it's his longer pieces that pack the most punch in this book." 

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