Monday, 10 September 2012

Goodbye Summer (Charlie Hebdo reportage)

So the media are declaring that the 'greatest British summer' has now passed because the Olympics are over. It has been a busy time. Way back in June, thousands of people watched a very rich, old lady float down a river to celebrate her not being dead yet. I covered the Jubilee for Private Eye (issue #1316) and then did another report for French newspaper Charlie Hebdo. The reports shared a couple images and interviews but were quite different.
Due to a technical problem with emails, the Charlie Hebdo report never saw print or the light of day. Until now!
Suite à une erreur technique (e-mail), mon reportage de la Jubile en juin n'été jamais dans Charlie Hebdo. Donc voila!
                               In English:                                                           En Francais:

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