Thursday, 9 February 2012

Eye time again....

(Tackling disability living allowance changes.)


  1. Hello David Ziggy Grene. I arrived here because I just saw your piece in the Eye and didn't quite get sort of the same manner in which I often don't get Eye stuff, which is that I'm not sure wether it is criticising, which seems calous, or stating the obvious which just seems odd..I myself am not trying to be your peice just totally observational for those not in the know?
    explanation would be well appreciated
    e. wood

    1. 'observational for those not in the know?'
      is the closest explanation.
      A lot of what I intend is to explain something about a topic which people may not know or normally think about.
      What better way than to use words and images of the people involved?
      And this approach also means the subject or event will dictate the vibe of the piece.
      A subject obvious to some may be new to others.
      I hope someone learns or gains at least one little thing from a report. (myself included)

  2. David I thought this strip was really touching. I am really curious about something though. is the notepad in the bottom corner actually a photograph taken at the event?


  3. Hi Duncan.
    That chap in the corner was a very nice guy who could not speak. He wrote his answers down on my note pad and I though it perfect to show the pad as he wrote it as opposed to reproducing his words myself.

    I'm very pleased that lot of people seemed to enjoy this piece. Thanks to all.