Friday, 25 February 2011


3 anthologies are on their way and I got some stuff in them!
First is Hive #5 from the US. They have a one page strip called Library Tales. If you've grabbed my book already, you may recognize it but it's nice to have some new people see it too. Pre-order now!
A while ago I mentioned this 5 page story and soon you'll find it in the forthcoming New British Comics #3. 
Then there is the newspaper format anthology called The Sorry Entertainer which is just being edited. In it will be a brand new page by me about wrestling!       I should also mention that you can find my stupid strip Benson Berner in the latest issue of Stool Pigeon music newspaper. The strip is on this blog but you get to have it in paper form and a bunch of other comics too. It's free all over the UK and other countries.

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  1. We'd always love to have scads more pages in the next issue :D